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Ed Cervanek of WEWS at 1981 Emmy Awards


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  • 1. Andrew Boggs, BA  |  April 28, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    You know, I always wanted to pay respect towards WEWS TV 5 Station Manager Ed Cervanek. He allowed me to roam the station corridors unchecked, and I never had problems getting past reception – they were pretty used to me at that point. I had an opera friend by the name of Angela Kuder who sung professional operettas and she asked if there was a place she could record an audition tape. I saw a grand piano in one of the studios on one of my frequent stopovers and asked the guys in the newsroom whom I needed to talk to in getting permission to use the piano and a recording engineer. Lets face it, even I knew I was asking a lot. So, they sent me to Ed Cervenek’s office. Ed was very nice, had no problem with it and simply said to work up the day and time, and as long as there was an open studio, it was okay with him. On the appointed day, I showed up with Angela Kuder, her piano accompanist and a friend of her’s from Germany who was visiting the United States. Ed stopped off at the far end of the studio we were using as Angie sung her auras, gave a smile in our direction and walked by. At the end of the recording session, Dorothy Fuldheim walked up to me and the group I was with and asked me who my friends were. Dorothy knew me because I hung around in the newsroom over the years – sometimes she offered to share her lunch with me in her office next to the reception area. Anyway, I made the introductions and mentioned Angie’s friend was from Germany. Dorothy immediately began a conversation with Sammy in German. I think he was surprised that an American television personality could suddenly converse in German at the drop of a hat – however, that was Dorothy. Dorothy then broke away saying she’d catch up with me at TV 5 down the road. As Dorothy was walking out of the studio back to her office, Sammy blurted out in his best English…”Dorothy, nice old lady!” I blanched, and said to Sammy, “you never refer to Dorothy as an old lady!” I could understand he was from Germany here visiting on a visa, but I still had to chastise him. First, having to get to know Dorothy on a ’friend-to-friend’ basis, I really did like her. Second, if Dorothy heard what Sammy said, there was a possibility I’d be barred from WEWS by someone else’s ignorance. Thankfully Dorothy didn’t hear what he said, and the Dorothy ’brown bag’ lunches continued. She really was a nice person if you got to know her…then again, so was Ed Cervanek.

  • 2. Dick Liberatore  |  June 25, 2010 at 2:04 am

    It was Valentine’s day 1965. After my discharge from the Air Force in Anchorage, Alaska, my wife and I hopped into our 1959 Buick and headed for my hometown in Connecticut and made a planned 5-day stopover in Cleveland so my wife could visit her Uncle. (My wife was Alana Freed, daughter of DJ Alan Freed) Having had some experience working as a cameraman/floor director for a TV station in Anchorage, I decided to see if there were any jobs for me in Cleveland. The first station I went to was WEWS and met with Ed Cervanek who interviewed me for a “summer relief” position as a cameraman with the station. (They were still using the black and White RCA cameras) Ed hired me on the spot. So my wife and I found an apartment in Lakewood and I began working fulltime running camera for the Gene Carroll Show, Polka Varieties, The Big Five Show, Paige Palmer, Captain Penny, Romper Room as well as the local newscasts. Boy, what that a fun job! And the weekday shows were live! Romper Room at 9:00 and then the cameras moved thru the big doors into the next studio for Captain Penny at 9:30 and then into another studio for Paige Palmer at 10 – and then the tapings of Gene Carroll and Polka Varieties. After 6 months with WEWS I began hosting a nightly “oldies” show on WZAK-FM and continued to spin the oldies for many years not only on WZAK but on WIXY.
    And then there was Jack Moffitt. I met with Jack at the WUAB studios in early 1969 and suggested that I host and produce a weekly 1950s bandstand show and he agreed. “The Big Beat” Show aired for nearly 40 weeks and then returned in 1976 as “Good Times Rock and Roll.” I left Cleveland in 1979 and became involved in the TV game show industry in Los Angeles. So I thank Ed Cervanek, Ernie Sindilar and Al Bush at WEWS six enjoyable months, and Jack Moffitt for allowing me the opportunity to host a Cleveland version of “American Bandstand.” So thanks to Ed and Jack for being an important part of my life

    • 3. neilzu  |  June 25, 2010 at 11:10 am

      So good to hear from you. I remember running into you several times during your WIXY days. I hope you will dig down in your scrapbooks and come up with some photos for this site. Just email them to me at

      • 4. Dick Liberatore  |  November 19, 2010 at 9:17 pm


        Until today I haven’t checked your site since I posted a comment on Ed Cervanek on June 25 thus no reply from me. Unfortunately, I have no photos from my days at WEWS . . . just a lot of fond memories. I was in Cleveland on July 24 visiting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and was a guest on Norm N. Nite’s Saturday afternoon “oldies” show on Sirius XM radio. However, Norm did present me with a copy of a poster from May 1969 of a 50s rock and roll concert that we co-produced at the Cleveland Arena and featured Fats Domino, Chuck Berry and a few other acts. There are also some photos. We lost a ton of money on the show but Joe Esterhaus was in the audience and loved the concert.

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