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Big Chuck Schdowski and Andrew Boggs at TV8 Studio


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  • 1. Andrew Boggs, BA  |  May 7, 2010 at 11:01 am

    As I viewed the downtown Cleveland holiday decorations on the day after Christmas in 1986, I began to think how I could commemorate what was a very special day, the birth of my son. Jason Nicholas Boggs had been born around three in the morning. After a few moments, I realized the Big Chuck & Little John Show was being taped in the early afternoon for showing later on that Friday evening. Then it struck me, why not get his photo in the ‘Birthday’ segment. Minutes after Jason came into the world, a photograph was taken of me holding my newborn son at Fairview General Hospital on Cleveland‘s West Side. I decided to drive out to WJW TV 8 on South Marginal Drive and found myself walking into the studio around the time they were shooting the live audience segment. Little John had spotted me and walked over, “Andy, what are you doing here?” I told John my son had been born early that morning, and I wondered if I could get his photo within the ’Birthday’ club segment? John informed me they had shot that the day before. I asked John whether he could hold onto the photo and run it the following week. “Hold on Andy, I’ve got to ask Chuck something.” As I looked in the distance at the stage set, I could see John conversing with Chuck Schodoski as he smiled in my direction. Moments later, John Rinaldi walked back over and asked me for the photo, turning back and walking to the set. I watched as two cameras set up – on Little John, and the other on the photo of my son. As taped rolled, Little John smiled and said, “this is Jason Nicholas Boggs, our newest viewer, and his proud father Andrew. Jason was born today!” And with those words, Jason made his first television appearance hours after his birth thanks to the kindness of Big Chuck Schodoski and Little John Rinaldi. Oh, Jason today? Well he now works in research for the US Department of Energy at their National Argonne Labs in Chicago. The photo above was taken in the WJW TV 8 lobby.


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