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WEWS Don Webster with broadcasting personality Andrew Boggs


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  • 1. Andrew Boggs, BA  |  April 28, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    WEWS TV 5 was a great place to be a ‘fly on the wall’ as a teenager. My ticket into the studios was a young cameraman friend of mine from WVIZ TV 25, Harry Dorsey. Harry had worked at the educational station for a few years before finding himself as a news cameraman at WEWS TV 5. He invited me to TV 5 to show me around behind the scenes. By now, Harry was a field videographer and was the one who shot videos on location. Harry was a thin guy with a really great classic afro. In any case, we got along really well over the years, and among the people he introduced me to was Don Webster who had recently joined the station. Don aside from doing the weather was involved with the ’Big 5 Show’ which was patterned after the successful American Bandstand. Later, the station syndicated it as ‘Upbeat’ in its own bid to become a successful music entertainment show. If you had seen the TV 5 newsroom in the period of the very early 1970’s, there was a ’glassed-off’ area where they had some very heavy duty fax machines along with the usual AP and UPI teletypes – it was a very noisy room indeed. Another room held the film processing and dryer equipment. Befriending Don, along with Harry, I got to ride in the news car on occasion when Don would do a weather tease at the top of Eyewitness News With John Hambrick and Dave Patterson. We’d jump in the car before the news show, an early Ikegami ENG camera would be set up and Don would be standing on a cold foggy day showing the audience what the weather was like, then we’d all jump back into the Buick Century news car, getting back to the rear parking lot and rushing into a door directly leading to the news set where Don would get ready to do his weather forecast. One time on one of these jaunts, he began talking about whether it was time to move on to a larger market. I suggested Don give a little more thought about leaving WEWS TV 5. My feeling was that Don had quite a strong following in Cleveland, and that maybe fame might be a little harder to achieve in a larger market where he would be an unknown. Perhaps, since Cleveland was the 11th largest market at that time – staying in Cleveland might be a wiser choice? Don was nice about it, and there wasn’t much time to digress further, we were back at the rear news studio entrance and Don had to get ready for his segment. Let’s be honest, I was a teenager, and I really didn’t want to see Don leave. I can tell you my opinion to Don really didn’t matter – Don weighed his options as to either staying in Cleveland, or moving on – I’m glad he stayed for several more years at WEWS TV 5. The photo by the way of myself and Don Webster on the Morning Exchange Set was taken in April 1974.

  • 2. David Lee Aldinger  |  April 28, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Who is Andrew Boggs?


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