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Eleanor Hayes of TV8 with Andrew Boggs 1990’s


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  • 1. Andrew Boggs, BA  |  April 29, 2010 at 11:26 am

    The picture is of Eleanor Hayes and I on the NewsCenter 8 news set. The photo is from around 1990, when Eleanor Hayes was an afternoon co-anchor at WJW TV 8. Eleanor and I worked together closely at WERE 1300 AM during its NewsRadio 1300 days – sometimes I’d drive her to a story if all the news cars were tied-up, or I’d be a liaison at the studio between her in the field, and the newsroom. I can still remember getting into a car for the first time with Eleanor as we sized each other up – looking back it was a little comical – I had just joined the news department at WERE 1300 Cleveland. However, Eleanor and I became fast professional friends that lasted way past our time at the station – while I have not talked with Eleanor since she joined Cleveland Clinic in its public relations department, I still consider us good friends. There is a cute story about Eleanor and I. I was working on a radio documentary for a public radio station in one of the production studios (both as writer and narrator) when Eleanor walked in – she stood there and quietly watched and listened to me on mike. When I took a break, she smiled as she told me not to leave the studio, she’d be right back. Moments later, Eleanor was dragging CEO George Oliva II into the studio to see and hear what I was doing. She was a little excited and George must have caught a bit of the spirit – next thing I knew I was made a copywriter for WERE AM and WGCL FM, our sister station downstairs. Another Eleanor story takes us high in the sky over downtown Cleveland. Art Fantroy along with Walt Harris were our traffic reporters at that time. Both flew helicopters during the Vietnam war, and I’ve got to say, they were two great guys. In any case, Eleanor was taking flying lessons from Art and one day asked if I would fly with her and Art on one of her practices – she was close to flying solo. We (Art, Eleanor and myself) were off. Eleanor had control of the plane as Art sat next to her with me in the backseat. She honestly did a good job piloting the plane. In any case, it was time to land and as we got closer to the ground at Burke Lakefront Airport, I could tell Art was a little nervous as we touched down. Seems that Eleanor made a successful ’two point landing’ rather than the standard ’three point landing’ – however, any landing one can crawl out of a fixed wing aircraft on one’s own power is good enough for me!-) I was sad when she left for WTOL TV in Toledo – yet still very happy for her, and was extremely happy when I found out she joined WJW TV 8. When she left to run her father’s McDonalds franchise, I was a little sad again because I knew Eleanor as a very talented journalist, but I kinda knew Eleanor would be back. It took a few years, but she ended up at the Ohio News Network and I was once again extremely happy for her – and myself to be able to watch her on tv once more!-) And in Public Relations, Eleanor has made another great landing at Cleveland Clinic in the next phase of a very talented career!-)


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